February 2008

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Danbury GAE Hearing

The Danbury hearing saw smaller attendance and fewer speakers than the previous three hearings. Yet, like the others it had its own tone and provided fresh prospectives.

Denise Weeks’ Testimony – West Hartford

Denise Weeks, Co-Founder CTVotersCount.org testified at the West Harford hearing <testimony> Excerpts: What is most alarming to me is the prevailing belief among registrars of voters and poll workers that machine counts are more reliable than hand counts, that the recent audits demonstrate that machines are more reliable and the conclusion by many that hand […]

David Dill, Founder VerifiedVoting.org

People will make incorrect claims about state, and especially national, laws about electronic voting,… In one local state or community, people could make some problem sound totally insolvable, when in fact it’s routinely solved in other places. Once you know that and have that perspective, it’s easier to get something done.

West Hartford GAE Hearing

 Update:  View Hearing at <CT-N> There were about seventy five people at the West Hartford Government Administration and Elections Committee hearing. It was standing room only, with just a handful need to stand. Unlike the other hearings it was taped by CT-N. The vast majority of attendees were registrars, moderators, and other election officials. It […]

Good Bye Manual Recounts – No Paper No Problem

According to an article in the New Haven Register, the Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has revised recount procedures to eliminate manual recounts. <read> As we reported last month, Secretary Bysiewicz was “Prepared” to eliminate manual recounts <read> It seems that preparation must have included writing new recount procedures which are now apparently in […]

Bysiewicz Defends Audits – Registrars Express Blind Faith In Machines

Bonus: RFK Jr. interviews election official, Ion Sancho, who understands the issues <watch> Why do we need independent audits? – Because people too close to the system have too much faith in its integrity and too much stake in proving it worked perfectly. Today we welcome and heartily applaud the defense of random post-election audits […]

FAQ – Why Is Voting Different Than Scanning A Can Of Peas?

[Greenwich Registrar of Voters] Musca said she had confidence in the machines’ accuracy. There’s no way you can make a mistake. You color in your ovals and the machine reads it,” she said. “It’s as good as scanning their can of peas (at the supermarket). If they trust the price on their can of peas, […]

Statewide errors threaten Nov. election

Update: At the GAE hearing in West Hartford, Gail Stempien, Assistant Registrar in Simsbury pointed to the failure of the voter registration system as an example of why Connecticut should not program our own memory cards. (Earlier, CTVotersCount member Denise Weeks had testified to the benefits of programming the memory cards within Connecticut, followed by […]

Testimony – Nowalk Public Hearing

I testified for about ten minutes in two segments, one formal and one informal, at the Government Administration and Elections Committee Public Hearing in Norwalk. A separate blog on this site covers the flow as testimony at the Norwalk hearing, another the earlier Norwich hearing. Yesterday, I completed an expanded version of my testimony covering […]

Norwalk GAE Hearing

Testimony submitted and posted at GAE site. Once again I have been procrastinating a bit in writing up the Norwalk GAE Public Hearing held last Thursday. The tone of the hearing was much different than the one in Norwich. This blog has a separate entry with my formal testimony. In Norwich, for the most part, […]