October 2010

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HAVA Scary Halloween: Ten years older and deeper in debt, yet far from credible elections

Two years ago we posted a Halloween preview:”eTRICK or reTREAT? Nightmare of Elections Future.” Lets look at where we are this year, and then we will calibrate (not celebrate) how far we have come.

The good news is that there are a slew of articles and reports in the mainstream media covering election integrity 10 years after the 2000 debacle. Just in time for the 2010 mid-term elections and just in time for Halloween. For adults wishing for that old-fashioned Halloween scare these articles should do the trick.

Warning: NO Internet Voting In CT – A Scam or just misleading calls to voters?

“People have been stopping into the office to express concern over telephone calls that they’ve received in which they are directd [sic] to a web site where they believe they’re being told they can vote online,”

Researchers: Early Voting alone DECREASES turnout

Researchers found: The convenience of Early Voting depresses turnout. Election Day Registration increases turnout. When both are combined the effect is about the same as Election Day Registration alone.

Register Citizen: Denise Merrill favors regionalization of some election functions

getting Connecticut’s towns more up to speed with modern technology will be one of her goals. “I will work very hard to enforce a statewide voter registration Web site … I’m looking at regional solutions (for voter registration),” she said. “We just don’t have the money for every town to do what they do,” she added, referring to the traditional voting process that requires staffing, machines and the costs that go with them.

Video: Hartford Courant interviews of the Secretary of the State candidates

We appreciate the Courant and CT-N for making these interviews available to the public, providing an additional unique opportunity for voters to learn about the candidates positions and personalities. However, we note several criticisms of the interviews.

Denise Merrill: 2nd Campaign Commercial

Post-Election Audit Report: Incremental Improvement – New Integrity Concern

Citizen observation and analysis shows some improvements along with a newly uncovered problem with the random selection process…We conclude that August post-election audits still do not inspire confidence because of:

  • failure in the integrity of the random district selection process,
  • lack of standards for determining need for further investigation of discrepancies,
  • weaknesses in the ballot chain of custody, and
  • lack of, consistency, reliability, and transparency in the conduct of the audit.

the list of polling districts for the random audit drawing was missing some districts and is otherwise inaccurate and ambiguous. The integrity of the audit requires an accurate list of districts that is verifiable by the public. We have extended our recommendations to the Legislature to include an efficient fix to this problem.

NewCanaan: Patch Voter Guide to Secretary of the State candidates

How would you use technology to increase access to public information and make it easier to vote? Would you implement online voting? Why or why not?

Connecticut follows MOVE Act, avoids flaws – Others follow the money

We offer our complements to Secretary Bysiewicz, the Town Clerks, Legislators who supported the MOVE Act, Connecticut, the many other states and officials who are implementing the MOVE Act with integrity. But there is big money and momentum behind efforts in other states to exploit flaws in the Act.

Common Sense: Paper Ballots are Insufficient for Voting Integrity

Reminder: Myth #9 – If there is ever a concern we can always count the paper.