September 2013

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What do voters most want to know from election webs and brochures?

?How do I register? How do I vote absentee? How do I vote? The answer might surprise you.

16 Districts in 9 Municipalites selected for post-election audit

Yesterday, we were pleased to participate in drawing the 16 districts to be audited by the Secretary of the State. Also present from the Connecticut Citizens Election Audit Coalition was Kim Hynes of Common Cause. We are also pleased to report that the drawing was held close to a week before counting begins, next Wednesday.

Secret Vote? Not on “our” Internet — just the insiders and bad guys know how you intended to vote

There is perhaps something even worse than the risks of the secret vote or the risks of the public vote. Voting via Internet in a way that has many of the risks of public voting, without the benefits, along with the risks of secret voting and lack of confidence in the system.

Primary education: Levers and other lessons

Tuesday was primary day in many states including Connecticut and New York. There are several election integrity lessons to be learned or learned again.

In New York City, the integrity issue was the use of lever machines in an illogical rejection optical scanners.

Closer to home we have Bridgeport, where there have been charges of absentee ballot fraud in a highly charged and important Board of Education Primary which featured a party-endorsed, outside financed, slate against an alternative slate

Encryption, exposed as almost useless except to spys

Several weeks ago, Glen Greenwald said there was much more to come based on the information obtained by Edward Snowdon. For several of those weeks we have had disturbing, yet relatively minor disclosures. Yet once again, Snowdon has providing something huge. We need, once again to become a nation of laws.

Common Sense: Public Transparency and Verifiability

In our last post in this series, Why Should Audits Be Independent, we ended with “When it comes to elections, are independent audits sufficient? Not really. We need public transparency and verifiability as well.” In this post, we will address transparency and verifiability.