FAQ: Actions You Can Take To Insure Your Vote Is Counted

FAQ: Why Would Anyone Steal A Referendum?

Internet Voting — Not Ready For Democracy

CT Irony #3: Passed in 2005: Tougher Audits and Custody for Equipment/Paper We Don’t Use

In 2005 the Legislature passed the Voter Verified Paper Trail Bill. They also passed post-election audits along with a minimum one hundred and eighty day seal on the paper. Unfortunately, they had not anticipated optical scan, limiting the audit to DRE (Touch Screen) equipment. We actually have tougher post-election audits and custody laws on the […]

FAQ: Why Bother Auditing Referendums & Questions?

The Connecticut post-election audit exempts, among other things, all referendums and questions. This is a mistake. Referendums and questions may be the most vulnerable election items open to human attack via programming – often all the elected officials of both parties want the referendums passed – they may go through multiple, failed, low turn-out, budget […]

CT Irony #2: The Closest Races Will Never Be Audited

Nor will they ever be hand-counted. Nor will contested races. Connecticut’s “strongest in the country” post-election audit law exempts races that are recounted or races that are contested from post-election audits. The law does not require that recounts be manual hand-to-eye counts and the Secretary of the State after some hesitation has lifted her requirement […]

CT Irony #1: The Hand-Count Irony

In our most recent Presidential Primary there were many towns in Connecticut that ran out of optical scan ballots and a huge percentage (30-40% ?) of the vote in those towns was then un-scannable hand counted copied ballots. These were counted late at night by unprepared election officials after a fifteen hour day. Ironically the […]

Readers’ Digest: Quick Study: Voting Machines

I’m no fan of the Readers’ Digest*, but even they have finally recognized there is some concern about electronic voting: Quick Study: Voting Machines

Voting Machines vs. Slots – Which Do We Protect More?

How we actually treat Voting Machines vs. Las Vegas Slot Machines – Does it indicate our priorities and how important we consider Democracy? From the Washington Post <read and compare> Of course this may or may not apply to Connecticut Slots, but as we covered here, we seem to hold electric meters to a higher […]

E-Voting Is Very Different From E-Banking

One more time, in detail from techdirt <read> the security model of an ATM is totally different from the security model of a voting machine. The most important line of defense against ATM fraud is not the machines themselves, but the fact that they produce a lengthy paper trail. If a hacker breaks into a […]