Ten Myths In The Nutmeg State

Ten Myths About Electronic Voting In Connecticut: Myth #1 – Connecticut has the toughest and strongest audit law in the country because we audit 10%.

FAQ – Why Is Voting Different Than Scanning A Can Of Peas?

[Greenwich Registrar of Voters] Musca said she had confidence in the machines’ accuracy. There’s no way you can make a mistake. You color in your ovals and the machine reads it,” she said. “It’s as good as scanning their can of peas (at the supermarket). If they trust the price on their can of peas, […]

Comparing Voting Computers To Electric Meters

We often hear voting computers compared to ATMs. We have debunked< the notion that Voting Computers can be trusted like ATMs. Today an article by the Courant's consumer watchdog, George Gombossy, Once Again Meter Madness, has me considering how Connecticut’s Voting Computers and Electric Meters are the same and different.

FAQ: Framing The Issue: Did the Machine Perform Flawlessly?

(Note: I have benefited from reading and contemplating the concept of framing issues from the linguist George ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ Lakoff founder of Rockridge Institute and cultural anthropologist Jeffrey Feldman, founder of the frameshop. While contemplating press reports on the recent election in a moment of sudden inspiration, I realized everyone has been […]

FAQ – How can the scanner be hacked? It is kept in a canvas bag protected by a tamper-evident seal!

FAQ: Stop! What You Are Doing Will Scare The Voters Away From The Polls.

While not a question. This statement has been raised a couple of times in the last few days. A candidate was concerned that by raising the issue of election integrity it could cut voting at the polls. A registrar called to tell me that there were a lot seniors in her town that would be […]

FAQ: Have they have fixed all the problems with the voting machines?

FAQ: Should We Vote All Paper?

Many voting advocates take a strong position that we should vote only on paper and then count the paper. Registrars and long term election officials resist the paper.

FAQ: We all trust ATM’s. Why don’t you trust voting machines?

This is a very understandable and legitimate question that must be answered. If there were significant problems with ATM’s we would know about them because banks or consumers would be losing money, it would be reported all over the news, and there would be investigations by regulators. The guilty would be punished, the losses restored, […]

FAQ: What problems do you perceive with our voting machines in CT?

(Note: This question was posed in an e-mail from a registrar. Here is my reply, edited a bit.)