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10/14 Nutmeg State prepared for Online Voting?

10/12 Officials not responding to EAC data requests

09/30 Sen Slossberg to push for Provisional Ballots in 2012

09/29 Official: Attacks on utilties rising

09/24 Candidates’ observers barred from polling places

09/22 State plans random poll checks for Bridgeport primary

09/22 NJ error and/skulduggery 4 parts available

09/21 Merrill responds to editorial

09/19 Internet voting as safe as nuclear and defense components

09/14 Outsourcing absentee ballot printing, counting, and integrity

09/10 Reject early voting scheme

09/09 Secretary of State looking for an improved voter experience

09/07 Secretary, little power in municipal elections

09/06 Election Enforcement: Al Lenge to retire

09/05 The Push For Early Voting Constitutional Amendment

09/04 Merrill on Early Voting – The Real Story

09/04 Hackers steal SSL certificates for CIA, MI6, Mossad

08/25 ME Voter Registration System Breached

08/24 Complaint: Registrar rejects petitions, based on her technical error

08/22 Millions for the media in 2012. (Will there be pennies for integrity?)

08/18 Q&A With Secretary of the State

08/15 Five months of hacker attacks

08/12 CO – ES&S Facing Contempt Charges

08/07 Tom Tomorrow explains Tom Friedman

08/03 Governments, IOC and UN hit by massive cyber attack

07/29 OP-ED: Problems Belie CT’s Strong FOI Laws

07/29 State intervention causes confusion in Bridgeport election process

07/27 The Mouse that gored

07/26 Cyber Chief quits after attacks

07/24 “Transparency” Colorado style

07/12 Massive breach: 90,000 military passwords and more

06/16 NPR: Hackers Eye U.S. Government Targets

06/13 Merrill: 1.2m Fed Grant To Enhance Voting Technology

06/14 An NPV Success Story?

06/04 Prospects slim for NPV

05/27 Hackers breached U.S. defense contractors

05/26 China military admits cyberwarfare unit exists

05/26 Video: Denise Merrill pressser announcing grant for electronic audit

05/25 Denise Merrill would like to have done more Bridgeport reform

05/23 VoTeR Center and SOTS Win 2010 EAC Grant

05/18 UConn and SOTS to develop own electronic auditing tool

05/16 WI: Candidate replys to editorial board attack

05/12 Merrill emphasizes making voting easier

05/09: Election Rigging, Sentences 156 Years

04/27 A Giant Step Backward On Elections Watchdog

04/25 OP-ED: The Office of Government Accountability MINUS Accountability

04/14 Federal Reserve among financial institutions hacked

04/13 Siegelman: Ten Years of Injustice–and Counting

04/06 CO: Ballot access debate continues

04/06 GAE Chair: Bill will provide “Voting Integrity”

03/06 Bridgeport, Denise Merrill on The Real Story

03/03 Bridgeport Election Review Panel Report

03/03 Indiana Secretary Of State Indicted On Voter Fraud Charges

02/04 Republicans Make Small Exception For Technical Changes

01/28 Enfield changes course, saves face

01/27 The Meaning of Gore v. Bush?

01/24 Denise Merrill on Where We Live

01/24 White House Broke Elections Law

01/12 Report: Ranked Choice Voting Causes Confusion, Fatigue In SF’s District 10

01/07 Video: Denise Merrill’s Forum


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